Responsible Gambling at 1win Canada

One of the crucial aspects of any reputable online casino is the presence of Responsible Gaming practices. Taking this into account, 1win pays close attention to all possible issues arising from problem gambling. 

1win is directly in charge of protecting gamers from excessive gaming habits and not allowing people under the legal age to use the platform’s services.

1win tries to make its service as safe, functional, and comfortable as possible to create the perfect space for worry-free entertainment. However, sometimes, from a usual pastime, gambling can turn into a huge issue for some users. And, at this point, the need to control and stop the advancement of problem gaming becomes a number one priority.

1win completely supports and adheres to globally acceptable responsible gambling measures and policies. As such, players can emerge in a spectacular experience without losing common sense.

Keep Control

Always keep in mind that gambling is essentially a type of pastime, and spending your time on casino games should be done solely for fun. While watching matches, making bets, or spinning the reels of your favorite slots, don’t forget that exercising caution is a must.

Every gamer and bettor using the services of 1win should bear in mind the following:

  • Gambling is not a way to make profits but just a means to enjoy your free time.
  • In case you lose, you should not try to get back all your losses right away – you will have a chance to win next time.
  • It’s essential to always pay attention to the amount of funds and time you spend on gambling. Manage your bankroll to avoid excessive losses.
  • Start gambling only after you have additional funds for this purpose – never borrow money for gambling purposes. 

Following these precautions can help you control your gambling activities and minimize the risk of being addicted.

Prevention of Problem Gambling

Although many players view gambling as a form of leisure, there is still a great number of people who suffer from problem gambling. The line between entertainment and addiction is way too thin, and it’s sometimes unpredictable how players cross this line. To prevent addiction and stay in control of your gaming habits, following the points below is recommended.

  • Most games are based mainly on luck, so no exact strategies or formulas would secure a complete win.
  • Don’t use gambling as a way to earn money, pay debts, or become rich overnight.
  • The desire to engage in gambling should come solely from yourself.
  • Always get acquainted with all the rules of the game you play.

Sometimes, seeing the difference between a sick addiction and a healthy passion is challenging. However, some signs still exist that show that the player has some problems. 

To know whether you are addicted or not, answer the questions below.

  • Is your budget for gambling continuously increasing?
  • Do you spend most of your time on gambling?
  • Do you borrow money to play games?
  • Do you experience disappointment or irritation when you can’t participate in gaming?
  • Do you chase all your losses?
  • Does your reputation suffer after you begin gaming?
  • Do you keep gambling a secret from your relatives?

If most of your answers are affirmative, you probably have a gambling addiction.

Get Help Online

If you find yourself addicted to gaming, here are some organizations that can help you online to overcome the problems.